Love and Something Similar


i’m broken but i’m happy; i’m crying but i smile… i’m sinking and i’m lonely. but i’m still breathing and still hopeful! by you… for you… Downfall… Advertisements

irony / sarcasm (aka soulmates)

Soulmates. Yeah. They really do exist. But if one is in a relationship already, what now? Soulmates are just soulmates but lovers are lover still. Can love argue against what’s destined? Or can destiny conquer over love?

so close, yet so far

The person we crave for seems to be too far out of reach. While the person we don’t want, need and never seem to like is there with us all the time. In other cases, ang taong nakalaan naman sa iba ang siya namang malapit sa atin. Hindi kaya dahil ang tao ay dapat matutong […]