Beatrix Got Inked

(Beatrix’ portrait taken from her Multiply site) One of my favorite young fashionistas back when I was in Maryhill College was Beatrix. One night, while doing the road route to school, I happened to have traveled with Beatriz inside the same bus. She just came from my town, Pagbilao, to get herself tattooed. I believe […]

Nakaupo Ka Man Sa Trono, Suot Ko Naman Ang Korona

Maluhod ka ngayon at hagkana ng aking paa. Sino ngayon ang iginagalang? Tumayo ka ngayon at pantayan ang aking tindig. Sino ngayon ang nakatataas? Lumakad ka ng limang hakbang. Sino sa atin ang kanilang tinatanaw? Kinain ka na ng yabang mo at ngayi’y isinusuka mo na ang pagpapahiyang ginawa mo sa akin. Ang paratang mong […]

for lyndell

Lyndell – Old English name of place, “Olden tree valley” Dominique – Latin, “lord” First, I would like to say sorry. I made a mistake when I didn’t take your side. You’ve done nothing but to show plain honesty and unselfish fondness. I’m stupid enough not to see that. Of all the happy people I […]

for kayelett

Kayelett – Greek, “pure“ literal, indicating as smaller/little Rose – Old German, “renown“; literal, flower name Ann – Hebrew, “grace“ The goddess of intelligence, Kayelett is one hell of a brain body. For all I know, the only subject she hates is P.E.  Music, movies, celebrities, books, animes, cartoons, some certain hostile plastic friends, PS […]

for kathlyn

Kathlyn – Greek, "pure"Reesee – Welsh, "fiery, zealous" I remember on the summer of 2005 that I filled-up a resume for the position of being one of Kathlyn’s ‘bhestz‘. Fortunately, I’m hired. I think it’s only rightful to call Kathlyn my boss. Yes, my boss with benefits. Kathlyn has to be one of the most […]

for zeus

"Zeus" – Greek, "living""Jordan" – Hebrew, "descend" For someone who bears a powerful name of a mythological god. For someone who is kind, generous, caring and lovable. For someone who can’t fix a tune but cared less once he sang. For someone who is so godly, the Lord’s warrior. For someone who is like a […]

for patricia

  Patricia – Latin name, "noble, patrician"Clare – Latin name, "bright; light" I know she greatly deserve to have this kind of tribute to her. The reason why this way of acknowledgement was delayed, albeit there were million things I could tell her directly, was that I really haven’t got any idea on what to […]