Oh-Seven Eleven

11 Personal Discoveries I Made Last 2007 Pancakes for lunch, doughnuts for supper, and having both for breakfast is ethereal! (chunky pieces with loltsa lotsa syrup and lotsa lotsa filling! Yum! >_,< )  Advertisements

Support the Filipino Olympian

Photo courtesy. Please vote for my fellow Filipino, MARCOS ANTONIO TORRES, to be the next Olympics torch bearer. Just go over to this link to cast your vote! Thank you! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Beatrix Got Inked

(Beatrix’ portrait taken from her Multiply site) One of my favorite young fashionistas back when I was in Maryhill College was Beatrix. One night, while doing the road route to school, I happened to have traveled with Beatriz inside the same bus. She just came from my town, Pagbilao, to get herself tattooed. I believe […]

Nagyosi Ako Sa Bus

I better be hiding from the police. You see, I had broken the law. Eight hours ago, I committed one of the grave sin against humanity – smoking inside the bus. Well, it’s not as grave as I imagined it would be. You see, when I puffed some rings, I was the only passenger there. […]

Stunned and Wrenched

If you can squeeze in a minute to check the “Who I’d Like to Meet” section (which as of this writing is still under construction) [1] on my Friendster account[2], you will see that three of the seventy local celebrities I would like to befriend before I reach 70 are Mariel Rodriguez, Carla Humphries and […]

The Museum of Egos

So here I am. Silently drowned under the wrath of rain. Trying to manifest every ripple of courage to go against the rage of waters. Looking for a piece of soil where I can stand triumphantly, warm and dry. So here I am. Hiding under the roof of fate. Summoning every spark of reason to […]

Ten Pounds and A Cucumber Sandwich

One fine morning, I was gleefully walking the silent school corridors when suddenly a friend approached and said “Hi” to me. “God!” my friend continued. “You lost weight!” That last three words got me thinking, “Huh? When did my fats leave me?” A hearty lunch under the hot sun later, I was gyrating with euphoria on the sidewalks […]