Reflections & Realizations

Oh-Seven Eleven

11 Personal Discoveries I Made Last 2007 Pancakes for lunch, doughnuts for supper, and having both for breakfast is ethereal! (chunky pieces with loltsa lotsa syrup and lotsa lotsa filling! Yum! >_,< )  Advertisements

Ten Pounds and A Cucumber Sandwich

One fine morning, I was gleefully walking the silent school corridors when suddenly a friend approached and said “Hi” to me. “God!” my friend continued. “You lost weight!” That last three words got me thinking, “Huh? When did my fats leave me?” A hearty lunch under the hot sun later, I was gyrating with euphoria on the sidewalks […]


“Whattaday” is an augmented word formed out of the general expression “What a day!” It means that something so big happened that it breaks the expected habitual humdrum and overwhelms the person involved. The word aims to evoke a feeling of surprise or disbelief, depending on the polarity of the situation: either it must be […]

Nakaupo Ka Man Sa Trono, Suot Ko Naman Ang Korona

Maluhod ka ngayon at hagkana ng aking paa. Sino ngayon ang iginagalang? Tumayo ka ngayon at pantayan ang aking tindig. Sino ngayon ang nakatataas? Lumakad ka ng limang hakbang. Sino sa atin ang kanilang tinatanaw? Kinain ka na ng yabang mo at ngayi’y isinusuka mo na ang pagpapahiyang ginawa mo sa akin. Ang paratang mong […]

so close, yet so far

The person we crave for seems to be too far out of reach. While the person we don’t want, need and never seem to like is there with us all the time. In other cases, ang taong nakalaan naman sa iba ang siya namang malapit sa atin. Hindi kaya dahil ang tao ay dapat matutong […]

May 21, 2005

Wow! my birthday this year has been the most special yet! I was smiling the whole day. Everything was beautiful. I did not have a great party lavished with foods and bubbly drinks. I did not receive fancy gifts and silly surprises. My birthday went about quietly the way I wanted it. And in its […]

The Night My Dreams (or rather Nightmares) Made Me See what My Eyes Failed to See When I’m Awake

I had a very good sleep four nights ago. The following morning I awoke engraved with a big smile. Then later that evening, I went into a deep sleep. The next thing I know, I woke up crying. Dreams are said to be our escape to a world designed by our imagination and built upon […]