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Oh-Seven Eleven

Pancake paradise and donut heaven

11 Personal Discoveries I Made Last 2007

  1. Pancakes for lunch, doughnuts for supper, and having both for breakfast is ethereal! (chunky pieces with loltsa lotsa syrup and lotsa lotsa filling! Yum! >_,< ) 
  2. Exceeding the number limit of friends in Friendster is not an assurance of congeniality award. Oftentimes, it’s an exercise for ego trip. And, let’s be honest, you expect all of them to be your “friends”?
  3. A friend whose conversational topic is always about his/her obsession towards a his/her crush makes you question if he/she is indeed a friend or just someone who talks to you because a) you’re bored, b) no one else would listen.
  4. A libel suit doesn’t always mean erroneous piece of writing. Most of the time, it’s a result of a nerve you provoked influence as a writer.
  5. If you want some lessons on exaggerating, watch Pinoy Big Brother.
  6. A human being is actually capable of finishing six books within five days. Believe me, I did.
  7. Being drunk is only cool if what your drinking is not cheap.
  8. Coffee is only better than water if you are desperately trying to lose some seriously depressing two pounds of weight. Just drink three tall glasses with condensed milk throughout the day and you’ll be frequenting the “weight loss throne” in no time. Plus, you’ll lose your appetite after that.
  9. Nothing can compensate a beloved pet that passed away. Not a new pet, and definitely never a stuff toy!
  10. Whenever you think you’re bored, try standing up. If your instinct tells you to sit down again, then you’re just plain too lazy.
  11. Never suppress the therapeutic wonders of singing in the shower.

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