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Nagyosi Ako Sa Bus

I better be hiding from the police. You see, I had broken the law. Eight hours ago, I committed one of the grave sin against humanity – smoking inside the bus.
Well, it’s not as grave as I imagined it would be. You see, when I puffed some rings, I was the only passenger there. I just thought that to avoid being eaten by boredom, I might as well do something interesting, like, say, breaking the record for the fastest smoker in 2 seconds?

At that moment, I so wanted to get home already because that’s the only time (exactly two weeks) that I could get some real sleep. I so wanted to get home because at least I could find comfort under my blanket, after just having received a very bad news from school. And at the strike of tension, I thought I would relieve away the pressure by watching some burning nicotine taking away my life by seconds with the white smoke. Anyway, I’m still not a record holder. And I didn’t get a long sleep. The bad news from  school got away as soon as I ate dark chocolates.

Yes I smoked inside the bus out of boredom, but I made sure that no passenger’s going to suffer a lung cancer from my puffing. If I wanted to die, I wouldn’t share the funeral with someone else. If it’s been a bad day for me, let alone the other people who have had two bad days already (as shown by their facial expressions). As the people inside the bus, the cigarette still sits in between my index and pointer; the smoke still circling around my nostrils.

Then it dawned on me. Why is it that whenever an individual goes through a very bad situation, he would want the other people to experience it as well. And if he’s enjoying pleasure and triumph, he would hope against hopes that no one’s going to achieve his fortunes. Humans can be very selfish, unjust, unhelpful sometimes. Haaay, if only man is such a giver most of the time, the world would never be a living hell, no one’s that poor, and I won’t be smoking inside the bus as a subliminal form of homicide.


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