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Ten Pounds and A Cucumber Sandwich

One fine morning, I was gleefully walking the silent school corridors when suddenly a friend approached and said “Hi” to me. “God!” my friend continued. “You lost weight!” That last three words got me thinking, “Huh? When did my fats leave me?”

A hearty lunch under the hot sun later, I was gyrating with euphoria on the sidewalks when right by the street corner, another friend approached me just to say, “Oh my! You’re becoming a pig!” Now I wonder, did I just grow fatter after eating a meal?

It’s been months since I last checked my weight and my waistline. All I know is I’m still ten pounds heavier than my ideal weight. But now that these abstruse comments about my weight are becoming my friends’ standard greeting, it’s time that I give serious thought to plan a period of drastic weight loss. Otherwise, I’d better live inside a pig pen.

Now, listen. Give me six months and I’d be one of my waif friends. It sounds ridiculous, but why not. It will be my personal challenge. I always dreamed of owning a 28-inch waist and a lean build. I’d probably go vegan. As a matter of fact, I just finished eating a cucumber sandwich and getting ready to sweat out some calories. I’m so focused right that my fats are having a hard time to expand. LOL. Good luck to me!!!

Author’s note (Dec. 28, 2011):
One week after I posted this, I gave up being a vegan and on dieting, in general. Then a year went by and I decided that I wanted to fit into my clothes, so I lost 30 pounds. As of today, I have gained back that weight and more. So I am in another state of persuading myself that I need to lose weight pronto! But it’s not easy, and why would it be when food is just so lovely?

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