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Stunned and Wrenched

If you can squeeze in a minute to check the “Who I’d Like to Meet” section (which as of this writing is still under construction) [1] on my Friendster account[2], you will see that three of the seventy local celebrities I would like to befriend before I reach 70 are Mariel Rodriguez, Carla Humphries and Haroun Morales. You see last Sept. 16, I was determined to fulfill the first stage of friendship: the introduction. Finally, I was granted the opportunity.

Mariel Rodriguez

Mariel Rodriguez

Carla Humphries

Carla Humphries

Ron Morales

I entered the realms of the ever so great ABS-CBN on a studio tour, it being a requirement of my four major classes in college. But it was more of a privilege than duty. For that particular day, I programmed myself to be so courteous that I would eject a hand, flash a smile and say non-threateningly, “I’m AJ. Let’s be friends!” while in the presence of a celebrity. This on the off chance of successfully making a celebrity friend there and then. The first part of the tour we went walking around large halls and corridors – the very same ones where the rich, the famous, and the talented frequented and abounded. In every turns and corners, I felt the subtle mixture of the cold air-conditioning and the heat of excitement. Why wouldn’t I be? I was sniffing breathing the very same air the stars breathe! Sooner than we reached the studio set of Wowowee, I was agitated to finally meet the lovely and lively host Mariel Rodriguez. The noontime show have just finished broadcasting so studio was closed, hence I thought that Mariel would be free and available to a handful teenagers and one particular fanatic’s bugging. Inside the studio, however, a group of fair-skinned ladies and muscled men were the only ones there doing what I thought were booty shakes and tummy bumps. Ah, yes, the dancers! Pass. No sighting of Mariel and her tattooed back. I peeked inside two or three dressing rooms, keeping my hopes up to catch her probably eating lunch late or removing make up. Alas, The lady has left the building. Garn! I left the Wowowee set heart-wrenched. Nevertheless, I considered the prospect of meeting befriending another celebrity instead so I stopped slumping.

Our tour moved forward and we were led by a sarcastic tour guide yippy-yapping about the size, dimensions and technicalities of the studio we’re inside of. The continuous walk and numerical descriptions were tiresome to my feet and brain, so I segued outside to sit for a cigarette break to boost my damp spirit. Alas, after my second stick of Vogue and a series of stiff kodakan[3], I was perturbed when my friend JC excitedly approach me to say, “I’ve had my picture taken with Carla Humphries!” So my butt and my spirit rose immediately and my enthusiasm almost burst with excitement until JC dropped the punchline: “Oh. She left already.” I just missed the chance to introduce myself to Carla because of that dumb cigarette break. There goes my fate. Now I’m jealous of JC. Hmp!

Before I forget, at the beginning of the tour, I’ve had a four feet-away encounter with Haroun Morales, Be Bench Model Search runner-up. It wasn’t difficult to spot him. He greeted with a nod and a playful smile as he quietly passed by our group. Considering that he just recently became famous, he was humble. I just stared at him and for 100,000 nanoseconds he was looking back. I failed to notice if he’s wearing red or red-orange. Thank God I managed not to look dumb and drool. Now, we got to see him again later that day. My classmates joyously harassed him with their digicams and camphones. But I was on the other side of the building when that happened. Suffice to say, my heart wrenched once more on these missed chances. And the bitter part is it always was my fault! Ugh!

During the tour, I had close encounters with Phoemela Barranda (who is very tall and slender) and John Lloyd Cruz (who’s very accommodating). But I don’t fancy them. Pass. It seems that I have this thing for lesser known celebrities. Maybe they’re easier to befriend. And it’s safer to execute actions that will otherwise be called “stalking” when it’s done to a superstar celebrity.

But before I further entertain the thought of partying with them in Ibiza or Kuala Lumpur in an uncertain future, and expand my “Who I’d Like to Befriend” list to include international stars like Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum, I am now starting to realize that I was being delusional bordering on maniacal. And it’s growing at a rapid pace. Ah, the stars are truly blinding!

UPDATE (12-28-11):

[1] It never got finished because: a) The list grows longer everyday; b) I’m lazy, and; c) It’s a stupid idea. Go back to reading ↑
[2] Ding! Dong! Friendster is dead. (Or its social networking incarnation that I signed up for, to say the least).Go back to reading ↑
[3] “Kodakan” is a loose term to mean “picture taking”. It was the Filipinized version of the universally recognizable “Kodak Moment”.Go back to reading ↑


One comment on “Stunned and Wrenched

  1. That’s fate man, really wanted something and they can’t give it to you. Well anyway nice thoughts in here. I’ve had my own share of bad lucks and I think everyone does and for the record, yours is something that’s really disturbing. Imagine already there but not being able to get there (you know what I mean, right?!). Well anyway, time will come (and I’m pretty sure it will), those people whom you wanted to meet in the first place will be the first one to ask for your friendship, trust me, they’re just the same, the only difference is that they’ve had the privilege to be called the rich and famous and for the record again as you have quoted you have already breath the same air as they were, so why won’t you able to befriend, they’re nothing less but humans too, you know! Okay so much for that, Hopefully one day you’ll finally meet them and I’m looking forward to that. Give me a shout if you could.

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