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Stormy Week (Or So They Said)

Storm??? What Storm?! If you define storm as the point where you have to struggle against insomnia just to get through the scourging nervousness and excitement as you wait for the roaring and the constant pouring of school loads to appease, then definitely it was a stormy week! Huh? Not that kind of storm? Well, yes. It was a stormy week all right, or so they said.

It’s just that, while my friends in Manila were happily spending the week away through a placid hybernation, I was plagued with school works. The reason for their “seven-day freedom” is the typhoon that has been exercising its fearful wrath in the heavens. I just wonder why can’t our school do the same protective measures as what happened in Manila. I mean, hey, we’re just under the same Philippine sky! And if you want any proofs that there is, indeed, a typhoon in Lucban, just go outside and enjoy the flashing sky, and shiver while getting wrapped around the chilling wind, under the fierce rain!

Now I’m very aware how important school is. But what the heck! I also want to protect my health and, that, I believe, is more important! I simply think it’s unfair that I agonized the whole week with soaked feet and drenched brain. For once in a while, I’d really appreciate it if I would be rewarded with a legal vacation. I need to breathe, you know. And sunshine, not that it matters.

So please bear with me if I wasn’t enamored or pitied by the recent heavenly outrage! My problem here is petty, but I have to sympathize with myself about this one. I know it was a stormy week alright for most of the people who were affected by chaos and calamity. But beyond the quiet sobs and hopeful hearts, I had wished that somehow it was the end of the world for me. It was pretty stormy, alright. Or so they said.


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