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Jodi’s New Bob


            One Friday, Miss Joan Dizon (or Jodi, as she likes to call herself), my teacher in Communication Values and Ethics, SMSed me to inform my classmates that she’s going to be absent that day because she’s sick.

            So we rejoiced for not having a class on that period as if it’s New Year and everyone conditioned themselves for a chit-chat with whoever is beside them. I, on the other hand, abused the privilege by asking my seatmate, Mejean, for a hand massage while silently devouring dark chocolates in a mouthful. Ah, what a life!

            Then weekends passed and Monday came. And Jodi is back in the game. She entered the room prim-and-properly and sent off a compelling presence. Then, she nonchalantly laid her things on the teacher’s desk, her eyes wandering across the room, lips pursed. And as if in a dramatic anticipation of a horn blower, she declared in a matter-of-factly tone “good afternoon”. Then she stride along the classroom’s aisle, her head twisting left and right as if on a hunt for her prey. As she reached the back of the classroom, her mouth opened once more and, with a humongous amount of authority, started to throw us her complicated questions. (Now if  you ask me what kind of questions are they, let me tell you that you  need not be indecisive and should come out with a solid decision. And yes, they can be mentally fatal and psychologically distracting. hehehe). And week just started and Jodi’s back. Oh, whatta life!*#@

            So there she was, ticking and tricking our minds as if we are in a sort of soul searching seminar. Jodi’s return promised another level of learning and discovering. Amazingly, she appeared as if she’s never been sick at all!  But one thing has bugged me all throughout the period. I know there must be something new to her. I just wasn’t sure which was.

            Aaah.. there it is. Never that hard not to miss. What seem to be a new installment to her system is a layout of a la mode classic sitting proudly atop her head: a new ‘do. A bob so classic, that she resembled a contrabida character from the pre-technicolor movies. As mentioned above, Jodi made a dramatic entrance masterly executed with the demeanor power of her listen-to-me aura. Then there was also the aggressive monologue and questioning and to boil it down, she was an actress for an hour!

            Now I like Ms. Jodi for many reasons and I don’t intend to defame her in any way. I just like to play with the imagery I saw with her new bob and I can’t help to write about it. Besides, it’s been a long time already that she’s wearing her hair short. Hehehe

            In some ways, I saw Ms. Jodi’s recovery from sickness as her way of saying “I’m back… with revenge!” That is, through a not-so-hard-to-miss new bob, of course!

I will post some pictures if I get the chance. ÜÜ


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