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Yey for TJ!

  Last July 13, a seminar about writing for comics had been held at the AVR of the Engineering Department at SLSU. Sadly, I failed to make an attendance. Grrrrr…

            Frankly, I can’t tell much about that seminar. What do would you expect of me, a gazer of the crystal ball? Anyway, all I know is that right after that seminar, everyone who received a fine lecture were encouraged to plot their own storyline for comics. Anyone who submitted an entry at a given time will automatically earn an entry to the Writing for Comics Competition.

            I don’t know who joined and what the mechanics of the contest are. But the following week, I happened to have taken a peek to TJ’s entry piece. Now don’t ask me how his story went, I told you that I only took a mere peek. But as far as talent is concerned, TJ had produced, with enormous passion and effort, what appeared to be a graphical feast for the eyes. It wasn’t actually required to draw your own comics, the only thing needed was the story. But what TJ did was truly impressive! I mean, if I were him, I would do exactly the same as he did to show my edge. And heck! It’s not everyday that I get to share a classroom with someone who can definitely execute a good art. And as it turned out, his entry is a colorless comic book! (That was a compliment, you’re welcome).

            Now what’s the significance of this, you may ask? Well, I’m just informing everyone who’s reading this that TJ has won P10,000!!! His piece was chosen by the judges as the grand winner and that, my dear readers, only means that TJ has made his first permanent mark as an artist. He’s definitely going places after this. A bright future to you, TJ! Good luck!

            Now, to break the humdrum of this writing, you see, there will be an upcoming major presentation as a partial fulfillment for the requirements in Drama and Theater Arts this coming September. As of now, they need dedicated people to fill the production staff and board of artists that will handle the production and determine its success. I was just taken aback because of TJ’s fresh victory, because, for your own knowledge, he and I are vying for the same position as Poster Designer. To make it sound as a fair fight, I have my own laurels tucked under my belt. I have my own thing in photography and TJ has his in pastel. We are both prime in our own rights (modesty aside). We can actually work together to come up with a beautifully crafted piece, if that’s what you’re thinking. But our instructor in Drama and Theater Arts simply won’t allow it.

            If I didn’t get the poster designer job, I’ll be doomed and get cornered to take the directorial job. That I wouldn’t like! Imagine the tedious rehearsals, manic brainstorming, and heck, the pressure! So NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! So tough luck for me and I’m keeping my fingers cross. Again, congrats TJ! May the best man wins. ÜÜ


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