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From A Scribe to Fellow Scribe

Shut_up_1_2        Countless times, I’ve argued with my parents in terms of what career I sho uld be taking. Bluntly speaking, what I work with the best is a simple pen. Yet, with this pen, I shall write my own future. Shut_up_1


           What does the future holds for me, I’m uncertain of. However, I’m determined to take a glorious path. I took a course in CommunicatShut_up_2_1ion knowing that in it, I will shine. I am aware of my craft and ability and I will start from there and I am willing to let it grow.

           Yet discouraging comments and negativities about my chosen field made me think twice. It is a fact that journalists are practicing a fatal career.  Then money overpowers one’s credibility. Realistically, a country is sired by a man – an epitome of unbendable rule that is able to suppress, discourage, cheat on and scare a journalist and can make him throw away the ideals and principles he learned. As a student, I am equally tormented with the doubts and fears on what my future with this career would be like. But I’m very much prepared to accept the challenge. This fickle world is but a scattered stages waiting to be written about. We can earn money but not dignity; it is something implanted within us that makes us naturally wealthy. Powerful figures can smell a journalist’s fears but we have a pen in our hands to counterattack them. A journalist faces death everyday, yet it’s just the same with the others who opens the door when death knocks.      

    I chose this path and I will continue traveling in this trajectory road. I followed what I think would do me well and provide you my best. So allow me to do my job. Glory isn’t measured by how one dies but how he lives. I shall live for truth. I shall be the ears and eyes and tongue that represent the public.

     With a restless pen sitting proud in my fingers, I shall write the beautiful language of truth. When the brethren of doom and demise prevail, my heart shall astound in robustly grace.


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