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It makeYosi_1s me laugh how the government funded a scientific study about cigarette smoking; the result of which a stick lessens a smoker’s like by five minutes.

Fact? Probably not!

Many people belived this "omen", yet how can that research study prove that a smoker’s life will be deducted by five minutes every time he lights a stick? No one could tell how long a person’s life would last, certainly no one could assume when is he going to die. No human can measure life’s duration, furthermore, how can he anticipate death?

Cigarette smoking kills. Now that’s a fact!

Sure, we all know that smoking is harmful and fatal. It causes lung weakness, heart failure, skin dryness, and many more sickness the nicortine and tar can trigger.

My point is that the mumbo-jumbo "campaign" against smoking is not acceptable, if not believeable. Considering that tobacco tax is well-paid, the government can do no more to contradict the tobacco business. If the government ia really dedicated to go against smoking, then they should not only post some small sentences on cigarette packs.

if there is one truthful warning smokers should live by, it would have to be: "CIGARETTE SMOKING IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH // SMOKING KILLS."

Moreover, smokers aren’t stupid enough not to know the consequences of smoking. Smokers are considered the bravest people, given that they face seath every time they light a cigarette. But don’t think that they’re careless and irresponsible. Smoking serves as a relief from tension and escape from pain. In a way, smoking gives them joy. We can’t blame smokers fir their vice. They just know how to live their lives, and having the best time by grabbing every available chance in their shortened lives.

We all have freedom. Just make sure to use that freedom with knowledg and wisdom. Live and let live. Play safe.

P.S.One stick is equivalent to five minutes of your life… RUBBISH!!!


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