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for rai

Aj_rai3_1 Ryan – Irish, "king"
Christopher – Greek, "carrier of Christ"

You think it’s funny?
Well, for some reason, I really think it’s a bit sort of serious… and odd! I mean, who am I to deserve a seat beside a demi-god? I never even expected that I would become his friend. After all, I used to just look at him on top.

Ryan, of all unexpected person, always looked out for me. He stood ouAj_rai1t for me despite his  lack of energy to do so. He assured me that he always have my back.
He is not one who’s always first to start a fight, but he is one who’s never the last one to end it.

What makes him unique is his continual posse of being unpredictable. Much more is his great disagreement to become a stereotype.

To top it all off, he helped me conquer my fear. He has a friend, whom I hate to see everyday. What he did was unexpected and increAj_rai2dible… he introduced me to that person and eventually became my friend. Superb! He bridged to the other side of reality.

So, you still think it’s funny?
On second thought, I guess it really was funny. Memorably funny!

Ryan Christopher… a king of a friend of anything and everything unexpected.
…the carrier of anything and everything bold and beautiful!


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