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for lia

LoveliaLove: English, "love"
                   Lia: Spanish, "the law"

"Yours" has a mouth of a so-so horsepower; triggering the most dull mind to start a conersation. That’s what I like about her; she talks, and talks, and talks and I am so stunned to talk back. She’s not made up of verbosity, but of factual depth. I love talking with her. She always challenge me to talk back, for crying out loud!

It’s even much more a task to weigh the fact that this girl is so damn elegant! This girl was born to pose.

She’s vulnerable… tears won’t hesitate to fall when she’s hurt. But she’s brave… smiles will automatically spring forth when she’s standing up for herself.

In brood of three, she might have been the understated one. But in our friendship, she ‘s always the first to stand out.

Lovelia, "yours" is not a friendship of name-calling just for the sake of being friends; rather it is a friendship of veracity because it stands for its own reasons. My friend… I will always watch you shine. Truly yours.

Lovelia, the bearer of magnificence and grace…
Lovelia… yeah right!
Love is the law!


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