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for enzo

Aj_enzo Lorenz – Latin, "From Laurentium, the city of laurels" (laurel symbolizes success)
Jerson – Hebrew, "Exile"
Panganiban – Filipino, "Danger, Hazardous"

I declare that Enzo is the most gentleman of all Rudys. He’s the epitome of simplicity, kindness, sincerity and gratitude. He’s not a man acting as a man excusing himself because he is a man.

He is a man acting as a human being.

He’s one who never forgets. He’s one who always trusts.
And I thank him a lot for everything he’d done that helped me out through high school.

More often than not, he rocks!!!
Yeah man! Woo Hoo!

Lorenz Jerson… successful on becoming a true human being… someone whom you can always run to for an exile from danger.


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