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for sergio

Sergio – Latin, "servant"
de Leon – Latin, "of lion"
Emprese – French, "director"

The many F’s of Sergio:

1. Flambuoyant. Attention is his and his alone. No one has the right to take over the limelight the moment he step in the crowd. Though he shares a little shade to his friends, that’s not all bad. He enjoys being looked at.

2. Fancy & Fabulous Fashionista. Move over Paris Hilton. The whole world is Sergio’s runway. He’s bold enough to wear bombastic clothing for the sake of extravangance and hypocrite enough to renounce himself as a ‘simple dresser’.

3. Friendly. He’s always spotted amidst a crowd of popular and beautiful people be it in a coffee house, a dancefloor, or even the much memory-fonded Meg’s. Albeit his addiction to become elite, he never forgets to befriend the less-popular ones. He makes friends with people in an instant and he keeps them for eternity.

4. Fierce. Contrary to what I’ve written in #3, Sergio, in another angle can be so dangerous. That is if you dare lay a pointed nail on his friends and if you vilify him for no reason at all.

5. Famous. In every corner of Lucena, there is always at least two persons who know him. In Maryhill College, the name Sergio is a magnum of every thespians. He’s almost every teacher’s favorite and three-fourth the student’s population’s name game. There is only one name he bows down to. And that name is… Kris Aquino.

6. Fonded. A lot of people likes him. After all, he is a self-proclaimed seductive, sexy, and gorgeous person.

7. Festive and Funny. His life may be full of yesterday’s tears, yet he lives with a big smile on his face. He even wants everyone to be happy and he does that with satiring others and follying himself.

8. Fucking… in good and bad way. He’s annoying yet he’s submissive to one’s trust. I’m one of his confidants and I found glorious moments when I converse with him.

9. Female. Yes. I guess. Probably but most definitely he is a female. Hahahaha

10. Fickle. In terms of wether to spend or not, last-minute change of mind of a place to go, and oftenly what clothes to wear.

11. Fictitious & Factual. Fictitious in terms of artistry because he is, after all, a thespian. He portrays different characters which some doesn’t actually fit his true self. And he is factual because he always know what is authentic.

Yes, those are Sergio’s F’s. And, oh yeah, I forgot to include that Sergio is also…

12. Fat. Titanic in physical aspects and colossal in the hearts of many.

And he got a…

13. Face. He roam the world chins arose and faces the mirror with so much sympathy and… ehem, patience. Ü

Sergio, my Faithful Friend For Forever. My Fan, ever-so suportive and ecouraing. Ever-so truthful with praises and critiques. A Far-reaching person I grasp so dearly in my Fingers. i Fear not the Future because I know that you’ll always be there in my Flight to triumph. Fate sees to it that we’ll be sharing the world in Fellowship For a long time…

The Servant of lion director, In Faith and Friendship.


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