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for atheena

Atheena Atheena – Greek goddess of wisdom, war, and arts
Kirie – Greek, "lady"

I happened to have had a very beautiful female counterpart in high school and Atheena was her name. It was just in our fourth year that she and I became friends, yet some chemical reaction glued our personalities that resulted to our intimate understading until now.Aj_atheena
Atheena sizzles in front of our eyes. She, hands down, is beautiful.

Most people misinterpreted her choice of company, though she may mingle in hell she stays the same lady of glory. Bitchy, yes she is, only when someone tries to put mud in her face.


She laugh for joy and she cry for pain. I am lucky to have witnessed the other side of the coin… her dark, ugly side. The goddess also have emotions, and she’s sincere.

Her throne in mythological heaven is very hard to fill in. It’s even greater a responsibility to be her counterpart. All these because she is a goddess. And a goddess’ throne is incomparable.

Atheena is glorious, divine, and powerful…

So bow down!

Atheena Kirie… the lady who sought to help me out in my battlefield of doom. She dearly laid her trust in my hands ad I gladly took the risk to fight for a goddess. Her artsy beauty lives not eternally yet her divine character shall remain until the closing of my life. It is a wise choice to pick her as my counterpart, and o my part I hope she doesn’t regret having me for a partner.

Beauty, brain and brawn… the fight is on!

For you, dear goddess… my life is under the mercy of your sword’s edge. Forever and ever, hail Atheena!

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One comment on “for atheena

  1. i l0ve y0u my Aj.. y0u are the sweEtest and greatest c0unter part evEr. thank y0u s0 muCh f0r the c0mpLiments and the kind w0rds.. thAnks y0u f0r apprEciating me As me.!c”, als0 thank y0u f0r giVing me the chance t0 bE obe 0f uR frieNds.. im bLeSsed, truLy. g0d bLess y0u my swEet dem0niC angEL..


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