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Burn Out


11. Dysfunctional family. Yah, everyone have their share of fighting parents. And I really mean fighting!!

10. Blogging! There’s a lot of things I wanna write, yet I can’t do all at the same time!

9. weight control! I’ve been a two-hundred pounds freak. So never again. Yet, food is what I love and it serves as a very good bait to get me glued on the kitchen and dining room!

8. Smoking habit! I just can’t stop flicking a lighter to ignite a stick and keep the factory running! And whenever I try to stop, I keep going right back to the one thing that keeps me emotionally-ingested.

7. insomnia. Sleepless nights, literally! And say hello to my bulging bag-infested eyes! I need some solace sometimes, and the best way I find solace is through a long slumber…

6. money. It’s either I’d be so stingy or really spending too much!

5. vanity. Yes. You see when you’re gifted, you should really take care of what you have. Hehehe Ü

4. hair-do style. Been there, done that! The hair deserves the crown above all else in terms of vanity

3. Dyscalculcia! Yuck… Mathematics! Sympathize with me ‘coz I’m actually dying whenever I hear x + 3y 2 = ???!!! 

2. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Atopic Dermatitis,

literal definition: Skin Asthma,

Layman’s Term: Galis

1. Constant Tardiness. I missed most of my first period classes, though given that the time is actually 10:30!


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