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Crowning Glory

The truth about MY hair:

Every year, I get an average of 15 haircuts. That’s a thousand bucks already and I get tired of applying shampoo and conditioner on it, then combing it, then blowdrying it, then applying hair-clay and suffering the inevitable nature to sabotage my hair style. So I put an end to that hair humdrum…


A new baldy me!

Some people were shocked and asked me these:

*Anong problema mo, bakit ka nagpa-ganyan?

*OK ka lang ba?

*Aj naman, may nagmamahal pa sa’yo?

*Aba! Anong eksena ‘yan?!

Eventually, they embraced my new ‘do and complimented me a little more. They even compromised that I actually look great! HAhahahaHA!!!



It’s pretty tough to be out there when people expects something from you.

So I guess I’m better off hiding behind my bushy bangs.

But it became hard to hide.

It’s complicated to be oblivious about everything.

It pained me so much to actually losing my name, getting my face unrecognized, having my entire existence invisible.

And I don’t want that to happen.

Until I realized that my time to stay in the back had expired already. That it’s time to walk out of the shadow, to wipe away the bangs so I can finally see.

To release my potential…

To release my energy…

To release tension…

It all means releasing my hair.

Now what sits atop my head is some 1-inch long, not so thick hair. And yes, there’s a three parallel lines on the right side in front view that you could consider as Wolverine’s claw or the Adiddas logo. Ü

So what if I am bald, I’ve never been so free! Ü



True that hair is one’s crowning glory.

On the other hand, when I lost mine I seem to received more glory than I ever imagined!

So for all those who always pry about my losing hair, THIS IS THE ANSWER.

And might I add that since I’m a fashion-freak, THIS IS JUST A NEW LOOK. I admit that I look fabulous and yummy! Hahahaha! Ü

This is my psyche about it, so deal with it!!! Ü


One comment on “Crowning Glory

  1. bruha kah!! haha:) sana mgkita tau b4 humba hair mo… iloveyou aj… hahaha=)

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