Because I Know That I Am “Magaling”

I am so thankful for God having me blessed with a broad critical mind.

I am so grateful that He made my heart free of emotionally-biased influence.

And I am so overwhelmed with superiority whenever I use my two best weapons: EARS and TONGUE.

This is my forte. This is where I shine.

But, unexpectedly, a friend who I speak so openly and deeply with  just told me five obnoxious words:


Just when I thought so broadly, my ego was offended.

When I almost finished what I’m saying, I suddenly died inside.


You see, the crown of dancing isn’t mine.

I don’t sit in the throne of quantities.

And the laurel of superficial marvels doesn’t have my name on it.


You see, this is where I’m good at.

If am restricted to do this, then what am I supposed to do anymore?

I don’t know…

Maybe, just maybe…

I will close my ears.

Probably, just a wild probability…

I will refuse to talk one day.


4 comments on “Because I Know That I Am “Magaling”

  1. don’t…

    hear anything (chismis man yan!!) and talk as long as it pleases you. why would you care of what others might think? would you feel good if you stop doing what you want just because of a comment.

    sus!!! nagmamagaling din naman yun!!


  2. u are hu u are.. no damn fool can talk u out of what u do best,, like me, no1 can talk me out of SINGING.., nyaha.. kidding aside.. ur blessed coz u kno where u shine. damn insecurity.. contiñu doing wat u love, wat ur good at and no matter how many stupid bimbos may wreck ur ego. d heck, one lashed comment aint enough to blow ur stamina outta ur system.. kei kei.. till nextym.. Ü

  3. hey. noone can please evry1,remmber? 🙂 lamo aj,buti kpa proud sa aking talento mo. ako,not to say na im ot thankful but i dnt plan to enhance my skill. pero lyk u, if dko to ieenhance,what’s left forme to do pa? ewan ko ba, i wna b careful kse. i dowana go too deep. gets mo? haha.malamang hndi. bsta. what i need is a booster. boost me! nyahaha

  4. un na nga aj eh.”because u knw that u r magaling,” there’s no need to be nagmamagaling pa. 🙂 not that ngmamagaling ka nga tlga ah. snce comfy2 ka sa friend mong yan,u shudve taken his/her comment as an advice nlng.pero dhl nga comfy2 ksyo,dpt nasanay na sha syo.ryt? ewanko. bsta forme, if u knw ure magaling,show it.but dont overdo it. talk freely pero dpt may limits din.:)

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