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When the Karaoke Man Ironically Bested Out the Others Who Were Considered the Best Vocalists


Joining the line-up of Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, and Carrie Underwood is the freshly announced new American Idol Taylor Hicks.

Sadly, I never wanted him to win. Being a Chris, Paris, Elliot, and Kat fan made me somewhat disappointed when Taylor was announced as the new American Idol.

I have nothing Season_5against the honorable gatherer of the Soul Patrol, who like Chris Dautry, Paris, Elliot Yamin and Katharine McPhee possesses a great voice. But if to be based on the comments of the of judges – Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell – Kat, Elliot, Chris and Paris have always received flattering comments; maybe not all the time, but good enough that actually gave them the right to stay longer and assured them that they’re to be feared of in the competition. These four were named best vocals and while they enjoyed their momentary triumph of their performance, Taylor was plagued with good comments not the best compliments evidently "karaoke with the capital K" as the most acerbic. Ironically, it was actually the funky karaoke man who made it the farthest and won America’s hearts over..


Given that he now won, I still can’t say he’s the best among the brood of the Season 5 finalists. I have my reasons why. Well, one is that Elliot never failed to give the most moving performance. Next, Chris, the pristine rocker, possesses a voice that one can’t help but stick his ears to listen to. Then, Paris, so young and sweet, unexpectedly sounded like Mary J. Blige. And lastly, Kat, the smJudges_1ittenlty beautiful Kirsten Dunst-slash-Amanda Bynes look-alike, produced a performance that won the hearts of viewers. I like Taylor Hicks, yes, but that’s just about it. Period.

But in all fairness to Taylor, he really worked out something to prove himself worthy for the title. Of course, I’ve observed how he improved as he stayed longer. However, he should have shown the climax of his forte from the very beginning since it is a contest. As I was impressed with Taylor’s growing number of fans I was dumbstrucked that his Soul Patrol was even good enough to beat the McPheever.

The Season 5 was the sole A.I. phenomena that I never missed to watch a single episode of. So much to my disappointment, my forecasted winners didn’t make it. Nevertheless, I am hoping that my favored four contestant will have an album out. And to Hicks, congratulations. It is a game. You deserved to win because you’re their idol. It was America who decided and you’re the chosen one. ÜMcphee_1


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