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Where James Yap, Kitchie Nadal, Patricia Evangelista, Atom Aruallo, Kate Torralba, and Matteo Guidicelli have gathered


Two years ago they were Kate Torralba,  James Yap, Raya Mananquil, Atom Araullo, Chris Tiu, Marvin Cruz, and Sarah Geronimo. The next year were Patricia Evangelista, Matteo Guidicelli, Paula Peralejo, and Kitchie Nadal. And this year Christine Patrimonio fronts.

Who are these people exactly?
Well, if you happen to not know, they were on the covers of the annual listing of Meg magazine’s Young Achievers issue from the last three years! Yes, achievers! It’s real ly soothing and appreciative to know that at a young age, people like them were able to make a mark on this country already; and persuasive enough to urge u
James_yap_2s to do the same.

Some of the names enlisted were Avid Liongoren (2004), Erik Cua (2004), Antoinette Rivero (2005), Mich Dulce (2005), Jiro Maño (2005), Japoy Lizardo (2005), Mishka Adams (2005), Bianca Gonzales (2006), Gabriel Valenciano (2006), and Nathan Lopez (2006).

Ashley Olsen’s movie character made a speech and I quote a bit part, "It’s not your willingness to win, but refusal to fail." (Jane Ryan, New York Minute, 2005). Very well said, don’t you agree? Of course there’ll always be winner
s and losers in everything in any way; it’s inevitable. But don’t consider life as a game. Life may be full of risks and actions but we’re blessed with rewards – win or fail. So it never was a game. If you set your mind on to something with persistence, perseverance, and effort to not fail, regardless of the multiple times you fell down, and if you look to something as a shot to make or do something despite the pressure of losing, it only sums up that you’re trying to make a difference for the betterment. That’s an achievement already. You really donRaya_manquil‘t need medals, plaques, limelights, laurels, and a couple of witnesses to prove that you have achieved.

Achieve ment can be simply interpreted this way also: you’re afraid of heights but you managed to climb a tree out of the blue. Yes, that’s an achievement already because you overcame your fear. It’s like you wrote a story and never expected others would like it; sung en masse when others said you won’t be able to; even appeared in front of an audience despite having a disable leg. Achievement can be recognized, albeit you’re lacking in something. Remember that you can only achieve if you’re not afraid to make a mistake. As Raya Mananquil said, "There’ll always be people who find something wrong with me." Hear the people’s comments no matter how nice or painful they may sound. "Mind your own business" attitude is really barbaric and inhumane. But always remember to listen only to those what can help you without stepping on at someone else’s ego. "Because I’m your friend and it’s my unappointed responsibility to help you and if I am to mind my own business, then why am I here for?"


The question of achieving is not a when, where, or how; these doesn’t need to be answered. There’s no time and place required. As to the question how, the answer was laid down before you already. The simplest and most effective way is by looking
within yourself. Of course I’m sure there’s something that you’re good at. Nurture it, enrich and expand it, and use it as a weapon to achieve.

The ‘what’ and ‘why’ refer to doing what you do and doing it for a reasonable cause. What are you doing? These and those. Why are you doing these and those? Because these and those are where I’m good at and I hope by doing them will benefit a lot of people, not just myself, because I want something good to happen. You can’t just sit and watch and wait for a miracle. Remember also that you can do miracles, maybe not as great as God’s, but certainly enough to break barriers and make a shining outcome. By doing that, you’ll be recognized. There are a lot of choices,Chris_tiu chances, and ways. So don’t corner your options down to joining a reality TV show wherein you’re being watched by stand-by cameras 24/7. (I’m a teen and I’m talking to teens). Know your capacity and be aware of your limitations! By doing this alongside comprehension, you’re able to avoid hurting a person’s feelings, especially yours.

A lot of people today astound simply because they were themslves and advised us to do the same. It’s really a great advice. It can uplift our spirit and determination.

That’s what really missing these days – true people. Most young people within my age quota were clones of those we see on TV. It’s really flattering when someone tells a person that she’s unique but it’s obnoxious when someone else wants to be exactly like her as a clone. It’s healthy when we idolizes someone but to the point that we dMarvin_cruz_1idn’t leave them a single clue of their uniqueness is not something to be proud of.
Gary Thomas said and I paraphrased and rephrased to fit the scene, "If God intentionally made us all different, then why should everyone be expected to do and be the same?" So why does a person pretend? One reason would have to be insecurity; one person really don’t
have to feel jealous, he is unique and expected to be one, and he got things that others don’t so don’t apply the "If others can then I too" attitude because it’s not appropriate in this kind of setting. Another reason is the fear of being labeled as a social pariah. What actually is a social pariah? I believe there’s never a such! If we’re made to be different, we’re also programmed with compatibility traits and common qualities in order to mingle with others. There are no social pariahs, just people who socializes out of their leagues maybe. Find your pack and stay there and you’ll never feel outcasted.

Trying to fit in was dictated by our human nature. This is healthy. But also  realize if the club you’re tryingSarah_geronimo to dive into  was making you really fit in or just disappear.

The singer Pink in one of her songs say, "I don’t want to be the stupid girls." (Stupid Girls, I’m Not Dead album, 2006). I advise you to read the entire song. I agree with her. Stop the foolishness! Why would you be like someone else and do something you’re not fit to do when you actually have other things you can do better without completely eliminating your existence? ‘Be yourself’ is not just a cliché, it’s freedom!

There’s not a person exists as underachiever.
A streetsweeper is expected to sweep the streets. His responsibility might be smaller but never a nothing; moreover, decent and best done. The dirty side walks and streets are a streetsweeper’s responsibility and at the end of the day when he finalized them with groom and cleanliness, then he has achieved already. Without them, who will sweep the streets?

The Patricia_evangelista_2 problem with society today is summoning great expectations without doing equal great job. We supress the streetsweepers because that’s all they were. Thus, isolating ourselves from them, looking down at them, and figuratively spitting on their personality and their dignity. If you do this and if you you really think you belong to the higher part of society, then you didn’t do your job well. Aren’t you suppose to be helping them out to elevate them from their abyss? There is no underachiever but a mediocre under-done is appropriate to call you.

Seriously, achievers spell their name as "others too".
Be serious but learn to have fun along the way. "Healthy competition", "You’re always a winner", and "Try again" leads to one thing: It’s not all about yourself. Think of others too. You’ll never who think for you too. The real reward of achievement is that it’s been done not just for yourself but for others as well.

Actually the message I’m trying to convey is that instead of trying to become famous, try to be recogn
Matteo_guidicelli_2 ized.
Fame simply puts your name on the spotlight, whereas in recognition you leave a mark that could last for eternity. I would like to take Atom Araullo as an example. He’s not really the most famous person you’d ever heard of but he surely one whose widely recognized. He leave a mark. He made a difference. In the years to come, could you imagine how much more ‘mess’ he’d be making in this scrupulously-propagandized country? I say there would be more and I’m sure that he’d have fun doing it.

These people who made it on the list of the magazine excelled in Arts, Literature, Music, Fashion, Sports, etc. They were there because they’re worthy of it. Some weren’t really famous but they’re recognized because they focused on their crafts and produced something ‘magical’.
The people there weren’t as threatening as having multiple abilities, some were single-crafted but they are all equally promising!
They really made the country proud, and you were expected to do the same. Remember, it’s not merely I can call a destiny… I call it choice. So, think!



* The

Meg magazine’s 50 Young Achievers Annual listing is being published every March as a tribute for the graduation season.
* If you’re touched by what I wrote, I might consider it as my personal achievement. And if youre really moved, then I expect your name to be written on the next list. Ü
* At the back of my head, I want to make it in the list. (I mean, come on, who doesn’t) ÜÜÜ



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