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The Much Talked-About Issue of Destiny

Destiny or Just Plain Excuse?

Contrary to the popular concept of destiny, I don’t believe in that. You should grab the chances and oppurtunities once it came. You shouldn’t sit and wait; you must stand and act!

Our lives were simply God’s manuscript, so-called the Lord’s plan, and I simply sees it that the ending should be the salvation and our flight to heaven. Yes, a manuscript was already created for us. On the other hand, we were the editors; however,we can edit some bit parts in our book of life. Since we don’t have a clue on what God wants us to be, we dive into different options and grab offers here and there. What God greatly wants from us is our fellowship to Him and that in whatever we do, we should worship Him and glorify Him. If you’re a singer, sing to glorify GOd. If you’re a writer, write as if it is worship God. This practice can be applied to everything, except sins of course.

In God’s manuscript, we can clearly view the destiny we would end up to: heaven or hell; one can’t go to these two, he’ll end up in one destination only. This is determined on how we edited neatly, clearly, nicely, or even godly, as different chances and oppurtunities were given and made available for grabs. THIS IS THE TRUE DESTINY. GOD IS OUR DESTINY.


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