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for lyndell

Lyndell – Old English name of place, “Olden tree valley”
Dominique – Latin, “lord”

First, I would like to say sorry. I made a mistake when I didn’t take your side. You’ve done nothing but to show plain honesty and unselfish fondness. I’m stupid enough not to see that.

Of all the happy people I know, you have endured lots of troubles and pains. It was unexpected. Unbeknownst to me, I am one of those many people that keeps you alive and smiling. It was also unexpected.

Famous and well-known, though, you may be, you never fail to share the spotlight. Like a good PR person, you made sure that my name is known. You set aside my own glorious momentum. You actually made me famous, though I’m hesitant. You always believed in what I do. You always cared. And despite that we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like, when we do you always make me feel loved and welcomed.


You’re the kind of person who holds on to friendship and makes sure that it survives in the long run. I know I can trust you with that. Trite, though, what I will say, but still powerful: you reign as one of my keepsakes. You have made a lot of sacrifices already, so when you pursuit happiness, you can count me in on the journey.

Lyndell Dominique – my lord of a friend, my olden tree valley of a sanctuary of laughters and carefree mirth.


One comment on “for lyndell

  1. how about for MELISSA?! ahhmmnn.. do u know dat she still EXIST.. hahahaÜ just kidding i just miss you.. datz ol.. hope to see you soon dear.. miss you n tlga.. pwera lang ang kurot/sundot s tagiliran *ouch*

    hehehe(^_^) i miss you n talaga… iloveyou.. yngat lage..


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