for kayelett

Kayelett Greek, “pure

literal, indicating as smaller/little
Rose – Old German, “renown“; literal, flower name
Ann – Hebrew, “grace

The goddess of intelligence, Kayelett is one hell of a brain body. For all I know, the only subject she hates is P.E. 

Music, movies, celebrities, books, animes, cartoons, some certain hostile plastic friends, PS games, doodling… these are some of the things that she and I will talk about, tackle elaborately, and we’ll eventually end up arguing about or even agreeing with one another if the shoe fits. But when it comes to “what is the acceleration if the plane lands…”, “what is the degree of the bridge…” I am easily and effortlessly defeated. hehehe

Hanging on to a dwindling friendship left me with amazing people and Kayelett, for one, prooves that. She’s someone you can talk to and sensitive enough to let your thoughts rest upon.

She knew me well enough that she could say that I have secrets upon secrets, plots against plots, tactics amidst tactics, and my masks beneath masks. She is one who can tell and see what’s inside of me when everyone else were fooled. She can disarm my invulnerability instantly. And lucky that I am, I don’t need to study her very mucher further just to be friends with her and she, in turn, need not have to do teh same; I even earned a high grade of value and camaraderie.

My little flower amidst the weeds.
My small grace who unsurprisingly made a big mark on my life.
My pure junkie to whom I can run to when I bursting with high emotions.
My friend – Kayelett Rose Ann.


2 comments on “for kayelett

  1. i definitely hafta to agree..fyi to every1, usualy in r brkada back in hs, it wud be klet and aj i wud instantly turn to for almost anything.. and klet is truly one hell of a super best friend.. damn her.. she mustve absorbed all the brain cells dat were supposedly 2 b distributed 2 other mere mortals. a brain body. icant agree more.. buti nde nbali leeg nia during our hs grad. hehe.. dme pa, but aj kinda summarized it perfectly… hahaha.. i love these 2, aj and klet both.. dunno wa il do widowt em..

  2. waaa!!!i can’t believe i totally missed this. it was pattie who told me to check your blog again.

    naks, touched naman ako!!! yan namiss lalo kita. (tsaka si patricia!!! touched din ako sa comment nya)

    hay!! 🙂

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