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for kathlyn

Kathlyn – Greek, "pure"
Reesee – Welsh, "fiery, zealous"

I remember on the summer of 2005 that I filled-up a resume for the position of being one of Kathlyn’s ‘bhestz‘. Fortunately, I’m hired. I think it’s only rightful to call Kathlyn my boss. Yes, my boss with benefits.

Kathlyn has to be one of the most decent, modest, and kindest friends I have. I recalled that she was the one who approached me first and a friendship flowered. For one so true, you must not dare doubt her. For one who can be trusted, you can assure your life even.

Kathlyn, with almond eyes, is one teary girl. Luckily, I can be one of the shoulders she can cry on. So delicate, so vulnerable, so appreciative… such a friend. Such a human friend.

A graceful dancer, and a bombastic guy’s goal. She parades her fashionista attitude bluntly, but what’s on the inside is sacred and worth keeping for – her love.

Kathlyn Reesee… a woman of pure dignity. My object of fiery, zealous for friendship. But hey, it doesn’t mean that albeit I applied for the job as your "bhestz" I am after the wage (hehehe). Our friendship is a responsibility and great oppurtunity that came without a price, yet of such value.

And as your text message always say: "Luv po kta.Ü"
And remember, we can’t always get the life that we wanted. But on the turning point, we can make a view on a panoramic beauty that we haven’t seen just because we’re so busy onlooking the other lesser ones. That’s life, you just have to make the most on what you have.Ü

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