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for patricia

  Patricia – Latin name, "noble, patrician"
Clare – Latin name, "bright; light"


I know she greatly deserve to have this kind of tribute to her. The reason why this way of acknowledgement was delayed, albeit there were million things I could tell her directly, was that I really haven’t got any idea on what to say about/to her. Moreover, when I coherently assembled this speech about her it would summon a placid moment, which I assume would lead to a tearjerking chain of events that I could barely endure. (I’m really not used to those mushy times).

For a start, if my twin were given the chance to live and grow, I would say that I’d like Patricia to be exactly like him/her, or let her be my twin instead! I don’t know why but explanations or reasonings are not necessary if you know her.

Our likeness range from the fact that we both own immensely large black Labradors, to the very stoic truth that even the word ‘black’ fits perfectly well to the description of our own appearance. Let alone that we’re morenos and morenas for an irony lives that we actually are purple and pink (for her own sake) on the inside and we release such wonderful beauty for the goodness of others. Likewise on being blessed and doomed to be very beautiful (hahaha); nonetheless, we’re different in a way that she’s always that damned angel and I’m the wronged little devil.

The truth is I’m truly proud to have her in my life. And if losing her means that I’ll be a million-peso poorer, then tough! I’ll be forever wealthy!

Patricia Claire… the noble light who’s ever so willing to give off her glow for others, including me… One that wraps me up in sublime brightness. The noble light that allows me to shine in an unfathomable robust of sparks!

Let alone her dreams of singing at the top of her lungs, having a concert under a spotlight. For she is the spotlight. Somehow, with the help of friends, I’ll find a way for that damned obnoxious dream to come to reality and I, in behalf of others, shall  give her a spotlight, let’s say, a pink one with neon background! And on her final performance tAj_pattie_1here’ll be fireworks and all the superstars whom she dreamily calls "ate" or "kuya" will be there to sing along with her.
But I’m thinking to give her a talk show instead of a concert. It’ll be a lot better if she exercise her prowess of talkativeness instead. That way, everyone will be comfortably happy (whehehe!).

‘Til then and always with care… I’ll be with you.


One comment on “for patricia

  1. migod!! wat was that?!! gosh i was soo shocked,, i was juz browsing tpos i kinda recalled nah sbe moh nah i shud chek out ur blog and i did!! and now,, im partly teary-eyed wid dis goofy smile widout any idea wat 2 say or …

    maybe i shud comment l8er wn im a lil less overwhelmed and wen i fully absorbed all dis..

    damn u! u shouldve warned me pra nde ako mxado nashock!! hehehe…

    soo sweet..
    god.. thanx..


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