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For Suzette

Suzett2_2 Suzett (Hebraic word which means “Lily“)

I was once asked what is the definition of a TRUE FRIEND. I was dumbsturcked, I don’t know how should I answer the question. Later on, I consulted Webster, Oxford, and Thesaurus to find some answers, and here are some:

1 True – adj./ in accordance with fact or reality; genuine; loyal, faithful.

2 Friend –  noun/ supportive or respected associate, esp. one for whom affection is felt; ally; kind person;

But then, something bothers me… the words aren’t just fitting . It was only then that I recognize the one, who among others, seems suitable for the term.
The answer to the question, What is a True Friend, was under my nose all along… and the definition fits perfectly well. My definition wasn’t composed of words though, but of a name… a name bestowed upon a wonderful being — Suzette Maglinao. Again, what is a true friend? I’ll answer “Suzette”.

Suzett — the “Lily” amidst my troubled pond. Through serenity, she reigns beautifully; through rage, she remains poised.
Thank you Suzi, my Lily, for blooming into my life. I hope you’ll stay until the water of my pond runs dry.
You rock girl, Go ate!Ü


One comment on “For Suzette

  1. hell sweet. ; ) i agree, suzette is really a great friend. : )

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