i’m broken but i’m happy;
i’m crying but i smile…
i’m sinking and i’m lonely.
but i’m still breathing and still hopeful!

by you… for you… Downfall…


2 comments on “maaa

  1. nyay!! in a distorted way, i can somehow relate to that melodramatic entry. i don’t know if telling you this will make you feel better but you’re not alone. ha! isipin mo na lang, lahat tayo, at one point, pinagdadaanan yan. we all wear a mask. all of us are hypocrites; all of us are cowards. pero tuloy pa rin. no choice, buhay pa eh. keep on wishing, keep on hoping. nyahaha malay mo!!! ^_^

  2. juz like wat kayelett juz said n her comment, i think i can relate to wat ur filing. i really dunno if dis is d proper thing 2 say but ive been having those sentiments as in ol d tym.. lahat tau meh takot.. meh duda.. we are all pretending 2 be some1 were not in a sense nah pnpkta nten nah were happy but deep down, were bleeding.. painful and hurting.. honestly, i opt d physical pain more than d emotional torture kc d physical pain has a remedy.. ointments, medication pero pag emotions nah eh u cant do anything but PRETEND dat evrythings owkei when inreality, things are in a total collapse nah,,

    but no matter how painful or bitter life is,i still think we should not fail 2 c d beauty of being able to see d breaking of d dawn,, df sunset.. d laughters… dhel alamo frend, amidst d hurt,, we always tend to find refuge n d simplest of things… friends.. simple joys.. laughters..

    i know gu2m nakayo kya next tym ko nah continue toh ha!!


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