irony / sarcasm (aka soulmates)

Soulmates. Yeah. They really do exist. But if one is in a relationship already, what now? Soulmates are just soulmates but lovers are lover still. Can love argue against what’s destined? Or can destiny conquer over love?


3 comments on “irony / sarcasm (aka soulmates)

  1. **some things about soulmates:**

    last week, when my filipi1 prof was discussing about different forms of communication, we had a “slight” detour… discussion about soulmates. astig noh?! akalain mong makonek ang soulmates sa berbal at di-berbal. anyway, sabi nya, di daw talaga nagkakatuluyan ang soulmates. saklap, pero ganun daw talaga. she said something about “twin fire”. twin nga… parang bro/sis relationship. your soulmate completes you but he is not meant to be your lover. un ay sa pagkakapaliwanag ni ms. sison-buban…

    naks, nahanap na ba soulmate??


  2. soulmates.. taken sparately would give us soul and mate.. meaning,, d mate “friend” of our soul.. before, i was also blinded by d thought dat soulmates are supposed to be lovers as well.. but as i mature and encounter more, i soon came to the realization dat soulmates are without any doubt, special parts of our being but they are simply kindred souls who have a differnt connection wid us.. dey are not necessarily d ones hu will become ou r lovers.. yes, we might love dem and they might love us.. but d thing is, d kind of love dat might exist bet us and our soulmates MAY never go byond d boundaries of brotherly and sisterly affection.. and wats more,, we may be in a very serious rlaxonxip and we may dearly love a person but d one we love myt not be our soulmate.. actuali, i think dat we are destined 2 have both.. one soulmate and one lover.. but only in the rarest ocaxon have i encountered a lover and a soulmate in one being…

    hayuup,, npaiCp tlga q dun ah.. ƜƜƜ

  3. hala…. fudge… nataman ako dito ah… šŸ˜¦
    i still dont get it…
    we need to talk and argue with your blog!!!
    nways, miss you! šŸ™‚

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