so close, yet so far

The person we crave for seems to be too far out of reach. While the person we don’t want, need and never seem to like is there with us all the time. In other cases, ang taong nakalaan naman sa iba ang siya namang malapit sa atin.

Hindi kaya dahil ang tao ay dapat matutong maka-appreciate ng mayroon siya?

Is life trying to forbid us from looking any further? Are we just overlooking the person who’s been loving us all this time? Malay natin, kaharap natin siya… we’ll never know until we try di’ba?


2 comments on “so close, yet so far

  1. holy… just wana let you know that i can somehow relate to this post.. however, i know that we arent on the same situation… hehe

  2. i had ur title as 1 of my photocaptions sa kasagsagan ng akieng so called depression noon. hehe. my comment d2 wud hve 2 be.. sum thngs cnot b won over.. not evn by d most powerful being on d planet. and one of those things is d heart. d heart has its mind of its own or shud i sei world of its own. ito tlg ang pinakastubborn at ang pinakamakulit. hahamaking lahat masunod ka lang.. at hahamaking lahat wala lng humadlng.. axuly aj.. i fnd commenting lyk ds vry corny.. nhihiya na ko bcz of wt u and sergio told me. bt dts ok. toodles=)

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