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May 21, 2005

Wow! my birthday this year has been the most special yet! I was smiling the whole day. Everything was beautiful.

I did not have a great party lavished with foods and bubbly drinks. I did not receive fancy gifts and silly surprises. My birthday went about quietly the way I wanted it. And in its simplistic passing, it was perfect.

I did not blow 17 candles and I did not make the traditional birthday wish. But this I wonder: Why else would I need that? This is the year that I first received hundreds of greetings. Half of the greetings came from people who I’ve known for a long time but only became friends with recently. They remembered. It was special. So I guess I received my presents early on through them. The other half came from the people I have strong friendships with. They know me well enough that I can’t lie about my age. They never forget. And it’s always heartfelt. They’ve been holding on to me for a long time and I’m sure they’re the kind of people that are for keeps. These two groups people may vary in closeness and frequency, relationship-wise, but they all celebrated my existence. I was touched.

Sixteen years have passed and I went through a lot of changes. I have survived different experiences, played at by chances, pushed away and pulled off by the odds and ends. Today, I remain standing. I witness miracles everyday. And friendship is one of them.

So dear friends,

I may dwindle before your sight or may continue to glow with such importance. I am not asking for you to be with me forever, that would be too much. But this I say, though, that when you’re reminded of my name, I pray that you think of happy thoughts so you’ll say, “Ah oo, si AJ Luna!” with a smile.

My life will not be what it is if you didn’t become a part of it. So thank You for making me feel crowded with love, and I love you for making me feel full of life. Until the day eternity refuse to allow me to live, I know that I will never be alone. And with the years still to come, I know I will keep on counting my blessings.

Those precious sixteen years is now a wrap! For the years to come, it’s a toast! ÜÜÜ

Author’s note (Dec. 23, 2011):
This blog post was originally written in 2005. Reading it again six years later, made me feel nostalgic. I modified some sentences that are superfluous, changed some that are confusing, added some for emphasis, and omitted some that are irrelevant. I used my memories to make this post truly reflect what I felt back then. And I hope that they give you a funny feeling after reading this.


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