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Today, I’ve seen the dark clouds above my head.. storming and blistering me with great disappointment and deep sadness.
Perhaps, it’s better to cry right now.. Let thy tears wash away the shadows of a bitter experience.
“Tears is not a sign of cowardice and weakness,” I’ve read in a subtitle of a movie. “Rather it determines one’s courage.”
Tears makes a man truly a man. It’s alright to cry and I’ll be doing it for now. But I think I’ll be better than best if after this I’ll know how to smile again. And I have no idea how to do that anymore.


One comment on “Melancholy

  1. of course nman.. we r all meant 2 soar.. for no concrete reason, sumtyms, evrything is wrong tlga that all we cn do is cry.. tpos dba as we cry, we feel relieved? i think dt’s God working with us.. we cry, then He takes the rest of our pain & fears away.. galing noh?=) haay aj, u knw wut? i think im begnning 2 knw God-knw Him.. cz honestly, dti, dme ko doubts.. although ngyon, meron p rn nman, pro at least nbawasan.. bsta uinexplainable! hehe, bt ko pa pla cnabe syo? hehe=)oist, view my blog ren ha? il b happy 2 read ur comments! dali na.. puhlease?.. shenx! hehe tcare! mwahmwah!=D

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