A Little Trivia About Two Cultures – Adapted vs Formed: Aguinaldo and the Error on the New Philippine ₱20 Bill

The obverse of the new ₱20 bill featuring Manuel L. Quezon and the Malacañang Palace. (source:Wikipedia) The reverse of the new ₱20 bill featuring the musang and Banaue Rice Terraces with the erroneous attribute. (source:Wikipedia) Filipino-Style Christmas December 25 may have passed already, but Christmas in the Philippines doesn’t end until the Festival of the […]

Then I Came Back

As of this writing, I am approaching 2012 in less than two hours. So this will be my first and last post for this year. Outside, noise is abound and very welcoming; tiny glows take the dark sky to dance as people stood below in quiet joy. It inspired me to do the same. So […]

The Museum of Egos

So here I am. Silently drowned under the wrath of rain. Trying to manifest every ripple of courage to go against the rage of waters. Looking for a piece of soil where I can stand triumphantly, warm and dry. So here I am. Hiding under the roof of fate. Summoning every spark of reason to […]


Beatrix Got Inked

(Beatrix’ portrait taken from her Multiply site) One of my favorite young fashionistas back when I was in Maryhill College was Beatrix. One night, while doing the road route to school, I happened to have traveled with Beatriz inside the same bus. She just came from my town, Pagbilao, to get herself tattooed. I believe […]


Nagyosi Ako Sa Bus

I better be hiding from the police. You see, I had broken the law. Eight hours ago, I committed one of the grave sin against humanity – smoking inside the bus. Well, it’s not as grave as I imagined it would be. You see, when I puffed some rings, I was the only passenger there. […]


One Crazy Afternoon

One night, Jen and I boomed with a decision for our Marians-sa-SLPC[1][2] barkadahan[3] to go for a night swim (Not quite true. We really just wanted to get drunk in a different place and setup, and to do it wet and/or by the pool is an appealing idea) to reward ourselves after experiencing a series […]